Predavači i predavanja

Prof. dr. sc. Mladen Vučić (FER) – Signal processing for communications

Real and complex signals and their representations. Discrete Fourier transform and inverse discrete Fourier transform. Complex envelope of passband signal. Baseband signal processing. Basics of digital modulations. Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization. Coherent binary PSK and FSK. Digital QAM. Principles of OFDM. Generation and demodulation of OFDM signals. Influence of real-world channel characteristics. Synchronization in OFDM systems.



Doc. dr. sc. Hrvoje Džapo (FER) – Linux in real-time embedded systems

Introduction to Linux in embedded systems. Motivation, basic features overview, typical use cases in industrial environments, embedded Linux distributions, hardware requirements, specifics of using Linux in low power embedded systems with minimal hardware resources. Kernel concept and architecture, task scheduling, hardware abstraction, memory management, I/O, file systems, kernel modules, and device drivers. Building from source, porting Linux to target hardware. Software development and debugging (kernel modules vs user space applications). Tools and development environments for learning embedded Linux. Practices and challenges of using Linux for real-time embedded systems.


Ivica Mataušić (ETK) – LTE radio in a nutshell

Evolution of radio access standards, from 1G to 4G. Architecture of radio access network. Radio air interface. Understanding communication basics: modulation techniques, carrier and channel, bandwidth of various standards, access technologies, duplex technologies, 3GPP spectrum, cell/sector/carrier system, cell-site tower configuration. An example of multicarrier system. Overview of eNodeB. Mobility, MIMO, and carrier aggregation.



Zoran Kokolj (ETK) – Development of industrial grade radio software

Characteristics of industrial grade radio software. Agile and Lean development methodology principles. Frameworks for efficient organization and team setup. Quality assurance activities. Development feedback loops and verification steps. Simultaneous development of hardware and software product components.



Dr. sc. Goran Molnar (ETK) – System-on-chip design of embedded systems

Design of embedded systems based on System-on-Chip (SoC) concept. Hybrid integrated circuits supporting all-programmable SoC design. Introduction to design and packaging of custom Intellectual Property (IP) cores. Integration of IP cores in large scale embedded systems. Hardware and software interfaces. Examples of SoC-based embedded systems.